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"I am pleased to include Jill's work in my private collection.  Rachel C.Artist


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Meet Jill.

Jill Cucci-Smith is a mixed-media artist and teacher living in Philadelphia PA.

She began her career in textiles and weaving and later studied painting and collage at Bennington College early in 2000.  While receiving her MAT from the University of The Arts, Jill's work evolved, mixing painting,  fibers, and encaustic. 


Mixed-Media has always provided Jill a welcomed opportunity to challenge, change, and interpret her voice. That voice fell silent for a time while the artist was going through a very difficult time. She felt as though she exhausted abstraction and lost her drive to paint.


Surprisingly, realism proved to be her avenue back.


Landscapes, birds, and traditional South Jersey images filled dozens of her paintings in the early 2000's. It was karmic for Jill.  Immersing herself in her least favorite style taught her to work again. 

The satisfaction of being back in the studio refreshed her ability to think abstractly.  Having the fluidly to use realism and abstraction has enhanced her communication with the canvas.  Portraits with patterns, still-lifes with fabric, abstracted landscapes in wax. Light-hearted, surreal, opinionated art spelled out with the materials perfectly suited for each work. Paint alone is not enough for this artist to communicate what she feels needs to be said or seen.

Meet Jill




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