Dining room table studio?

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

You're flipping through magazines and scrolling pinterest, longing for those ceiling to floor windows, that cozy chair draped with the crocheted afghan to sit and reflect in, large clean tables with plenty of storage for paper and canvas... Wake up! It's almost time for dinner and you'll need that table you're working on to serve dinner. How can you continue making your art in a multi use area? You can't. Lets figure it out.

Art is a messy part of life, our work often needs time to dry, and sometimes we work on one or more pieces at a time.

I suggest you walk around your home, clean it up and organize first.

Looking back at your tidy home, is there a small closet you can convert into a secret studio space?

  • Does the basement have an area you can throw down a rug, pop-up a couple of banquet tables, set out a stool, and some lights?

  • How about hitting up Marketplace or Swip-Swap for a classic roll-top desk? That could be placed in a corner filled with your water color supplies and paper. Then, roll down the top and and hide the mess!

  • Maybe that camper hasn't been used in a while...Bingo! Throw on your sweatshirt and set up your studio there!

  • Garage? Absolutely! Just add a little space heater,, lamp, supplies and get to work.

If you stay organized and tidy you can just about work anywhere. But, to be honest you won't be able to work large, but you will be able to work. Artist's need to work. You need to work, so get creative and find your studio!

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Pinterest Closet Art Studio! You can make a studio anywhere!

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