Parting With A Painting

Parting with a work of art you've worked on for weeks, months, or more can be difficult.

Our art often feels like a child, we worked so long and hard on it, planning it's color, meaning, and juxtaposition, and sat deliberating each and every mark. Now it's finished, perhaps it's going in a gallery show or posting it online? Or are you having a hard time letting it go like all the others in your studio?

Depending where you are in your art career, a hobbyist or a professional artist your options are different. I think the newer artist, hobbyist, or perhaps the professional who discovered something new in a series may consider keeping a work in their collection. But, once you've gotten past that I believe sharing your art is an important step.

I have met many artists who don't want to sell their work. I've juried many shows where the tag says NFS or they've priced it so high no one will buy it. We have to release our children to the world, knowing we have done all we can, through our sweat, decision making, and hard work. What good is a painting that is not seen, held, or discussed?

It becomes an invention that is never used, hidden away for safe keeping. We are all going to die one day and someone will decide the fate of your art. Why not decide it's fate while you are alive, share it, sell it, let it go... And then make more.

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