Studio Time

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Studio work with a full time job is never available if you don't schedule it. A long commute, everyday responsibilities and then the gym... it often seems impossible. So where do we find those extra hours?

Right here, the ever precious weekend. Those special two days of later sleeping, late night parties, and fun with your family. Here is how I squeeze out some work during these special days...

I find the early mornings seems to fit my life well. Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, a few minutes of cleaning and organizing my space and then some work. Often it flows into Sunday morning or often, a personal day or sh!.....a "sick" day.

Fit the time in where you can, while you're able, vacation days, summer recess etc... Not everyone can work at their art on a full time schedule. Keep the art alive by reading, journaling and making small pieces until you can dedicate a few days a week of 4 + hours uninterrupted hours.

Remember, time isn't real, "it's just an illusion".

Albert Einstein

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