They Didn't Pick You

Failure and loss. I applied for a commission and was rejected. Let’s be honest, that's a big fail. Artists compete for shows, commissions, gallery space, etc. You win some and you lose some.

Shake it off, distract yourself, no excuses. It is what it is. No one promised you a rose garden. Too many times we protect our egos with reasoning or place blame. I think we need to pack that experience into the learning suitcase and move on.

Admit it, they didn’t like your work, your style, your presentation or even worse you didn’t follow some specific- jpeg, size, material etc... directions on the application and poof! Disqualified.

I often tell the kids at school the story of my son’s National Honor Society experience. In high school he was very smart, not needing to study much and school came easily to him. The night before the application was due he remembered to apply, and quickly did so.

The letter arrived in the mail, “We are sorry to inform you….” He was shocked. Why was a straight A, senior choir, wrestler, debate team student, rejected? Well, knucklehead, you didn’t read the directions and filled the application out in pencil, it clearly asked for black pen.


So here we are, you failed at something you really wanted. You know what to do, you're an artist and you create things. Create your next masterpiece, your next acceptance and be appreciative of the rejections for they put the passion in your work.

Keep driving!

Sketch for proposal - not accepted. Forever a sketch.

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