What To Do When You're Not INSPIRED

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

So you're stuck, and have nothing to say?

Follow this little workshop below:

1. Paint, draw, etc... a little piece about what apathy looks like. Aprox 8 x 10.

2. Pick a small curious spot in that piece and ENLARGE it, onto a big canvas or paper (at least 12x18")

3. Zip the conversation in your head or the worry about how abstract, or different looking it is.  You can always trash it later.  (That's if, it doesn't become a masterpiece or you sell it for a hefty sum!)

4. Once the original design is down, allow the piece to morph.  For example; use a color that's out of your comfort zone, glue on a piece of paper, or use an extremely small / big brush.  You want to tap into the uncomfortable.  This is where growth happens. 

5. Leave it alone, walk away.  Visit it tomorrow and add to it. 

Chances are it will launch you into something new and it will erase that lingering uninspired space you were in.

You've got this!


P.s. I'd love to hear how it turned out but, better yet if it got you working again!

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